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It all started by picking up some shea butter and a handful of other oils from my local supermarket. Countless late nights, hunched over my kitchen counter, were all in pursuit of one goal: To create a non-greasy, lightweight beard butter that would keep my beard under control. I made nearly 100 prototypes, tweaking my formula until it was just right. After six months, voilà, our flagship product was born!

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Today, we develop grooming products with the same laser-like focus demanded to develop integrity and honor as a man. We source our high-quality, all-natural ingredients from U.S. suppliers and with every purchase you make, we give back to organizations that support mental health for men. The desire to provide the highest quality products, customer satisfaction, and resources is what has allowed us to develop the framework for everything that we do.

On behalf of the Honor team, thank you for your support!

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Chad Duval, Founder


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